01 Sep

Streamlining our lives: The rise of convenience

In our modern world, convenience is king – and it is making itself known in a range of different industries. New Zealand is catching on. From services like My Food Bag which delivers ingredients for a weeks worth of gourmet meals to your home, to Matthew Ridge’s “Car-fé” where you can combine your coffee or breakfast with having your car detailed, thousands of Kiwis are saving time by taking advantage of innovative new services.


New in the world of convenience

In a recent New Zealand Herald piece, Kevin Malloy asked “what’s next to be Uberised?” He was referring to the convenient and popular Uber app which connects drivers with those seeking a ride, and it’s a good question – and one that entrepreneurs will need to ask themselves in the coming years, especially in Auckland. Busy lifestyles and a more condensed city mean people are becoming more discerning in regards to their time and space, willing to use convenience services to streamline the day to day grind.

As with anything, convenience services are a case of different strokes for different folks. Some are perfectly happy to shop for and cook their own meals but will go without new clothes to have someone clean their house. Others prefer to walk over catching an Uber but will gladly pay for a storage unit or valet storage to keep their space free of clutter. Thankfully, New Zealand and Auckland in particular is fast developing options for all tastes.


Fast food

Both McDonalds and KFC in New Zealand have recently announced their intention to trial delivery services at selected Auckland locations. It remains to be seen whether these beloved fast food giants – already offering the convenience of the ubiquitous drive thru – will find that customers are prepared to pay to have meals delivered to their homes.


Errands and shopping

Have you heard of UrbanSherpa? This Uber-style app is all about making life in general a little easier, and offers a service which utilises bike couriers to fetch and deliver just about anything a customer could want around the CBD. Sherpas can pick up drycleaning, food, shopping or whatever their clients might dream up, with easy payment methods and reasonable rates.


Cleaning and household tasks

Having your house cleaned is nothing new, a convenience service which has been around for centuries. However, GoodNest is a Kiwi company that puts cleaning – and other household tasks including simple DIY, electrics, lawn care and tech support – at your fingertips. Billed as an “online marketplace,” it takes the fuss out of booking an independent cleaner or other professional for your home.



Following hot on the heels of companies like US-based Blue Apron is the NZ incarnation, My Food Bag. This is a meal planning and ingredient delivery service which makes it easy for Kiwis to cook great meals at home without too much time spent. Customers can choose a type of bag, with gourmet, gluten-free and vegetarian options, and receive a weekly delivery with detailed recipes and all ingredients for three or five meals.

Upmarket grocery chain Farro has jumped on the convenience cooking train too, offering Farro Foodkits for busy singles, couples and familes. These contain recipes and pre-measured ingredients from Farro’s quality range of produce and groceries, for dinner parties, special occasions or just quick and easy gourmet weeknight meals. They can be delivered in the central Auckland area.


Valet storage

Those living in apartments or smaller dwellings have made use of storage units for a long time to keep their homes clutter-free and pleasant. However, the thought of packing everything up and transporting it to the storage unit in Auckland traffic can put anyone off – that’s where Boxi comes in! This Auckland valet storage company will drop off boxes to your door, collect them when they are full along with bulkier items and store them for you until you need them again. It’s the perfect mini storage concept for apartment dwellers and anyone else pushed for time and space.

Finding ways to make life more convenient is far from a modern trend – but with technology to connect people and services like never before, it’s being perfected before our eyes. Which of these services and technologies interest you?